Why Formula E Is The Unlikely Champion Of Climate Action

“What’s a Formula E team doing campaigning for climate action” we hear you ask. We know that these are two phrases you might not have associated together, but they are actually the perfect combination.

We’re all acutely aware of the threats climate breakdown poses to our planet: forest fires, droughts, biodiversity loss, floods and famine – and most of us know what needs to be done to prevent it…

We need to reduce emissions from burning fossil fuels.

So, what’s Formula E and Envision Racing got to do with that?

Petrol and diesel cars use internal combustion engines (ICE) which rely on the burning of fossil fuels to power them. In fact, the global transport sector accounts for almost a quarter of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and it also contributes to air pollution which has been linked to nearly 400,000 premature deaths per year. ICE vehicles are driving climate breakdown and devastating our planet.

That’s where we come in.

Electric cars and renewable energy are vital in reducing air pollution and fighting climate breakdown around the world. Formula E is driving the mass adoption of e-mobility through pioneering green technologies, improving infrastructure and raising awareness of these solutions to the climate crisis. Not only this but with a huge global audience of hundreds of millions of people each year, Formula E is educating on the benefits of electric vehicles and inspiring people to make the switch all over the world.

Formula E is at the cutting-edge of innovation. The technology being developed within our race cars is positively impacting the cars on our roads. Formula E is a testbed for manufacturers to develop dramatic advancements in tech, EV battery and software technology, and these advancements filter down into the everyday electric vehicles, making them cleaner and greener.

Here at Envision Racing, not only is our team carbon-neutral, but we also use 100% renewable energy at our Silverstone headquarters. When it comes to Envision, they’re a global leader in renewable energy generation and smart energy management. In fact, they’re the second largest wind turbine manufacturer in China and the seventh largest in the world. Yet, while we’re doing everything in our power to limit our impact on the planet and use our platforms as a force for good… we know we’re not perfect.

We think it’s important to be as transparent as possible. Hey, we’re not the perfect company… is there even such a thing? But what we do know is that we’re using our platform and our voice to stand up for the planet. While we don’t claim to have all the answers, we’re committed to doing everything in our power to drive a cleaner, greener future and inspire positive change.

Look, electric vehicles aren’t perfect, renewable energy isn’t perfect, but it’s this striving for perfection without action that is harming our planet. We’re not here to preach, and we’re certainly not here to judge, but what we are here to do is showcase the role these can have in safeguarding our home.

Robin Frijns (NLD) Envision Racing, Audi e-tron FE07

We’ve all heard the rhetoric: “electric vehicles produce more CO2 in manufacturing”, “EV’s still rely on burning fossil fuels”, or “EV’s can’t go on long journeys”. We’ll be debunking these myths in a series in our blog, but for now, we’re here to say that electric vehicles might not be perfect, but we won’t save the planet without them.

In fact, new research from the universities of Exeter, Nijmegen and Cambridge shows that in 95% of the world, driving an electric car is better for the climate than a petrol car. The only exceptions are countries such as Poland, where electricity generation is still mostly based on coal. This research also shows that the average lifetime emissions from electric cars are up to 70% lower than petrol cars in countries like Sweden and France (where most electricity comes from renewables and nuclear), and about 30% lower in the UK.

So, let’s remember that while there is no perfect solution to the climate crisis, electric vehicles and renewable energy transition are sure as heck important ones. We’re not claiming to be the perfect solution, nor are we not claiming to have all the answers, but we haven’t got time to sit around arguing… time is running out to save our home.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in the race against climate change.