Envision Virgin Racing recently confirmed a new partnership with electric vehicle charging-technology company, ChargePoint. Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director, shares how ChargePoint is part of the revolution in e-mobility and building a more efficient, intelligent and sustainable world…

Technological innovation and a growing hunger for a more efficient and sustainable way of travelling has caused the mobility industry to shift toward electrification, sparking impressive new EV models and a movement to electrify vehicles of all kinds – from buses to trucks, fleets to passenger cars, aircraft, and beyond, paving the way for a revolution in mobility.

As the world’s leading EV charging network, ChargePoint is dedicated to enabling the mass adoption of electrified transportation by laying the foundation for the fuelling network of the future. Over the past 11 years, ChargePoint has been an essential player in the transition to e-mobility by building out essential smart charging solutions that empower citizens of the world to leave behind the inefficient, dirty combustion engine and embark on the clean electric future. At ChargePoint, our goal is to get every driver behind the wheel of an EV so individuals can start enjoying a better driving experience as we enter the next generation in mobility.

ChargePoint is making measurable commitments to this vision in a significant way. In September of this year, Pasquale Romano, President and CEO of ChargePoint, took center stage at the Global Climate Action Summit to announce our most significant commitment to date: by 2025, ChargePoint hopes to expand our global network to 2.5 million EV charging spots, providing essential EV charging to millions of drivers around the world. In November, ChargePoint announced that it closed the largest funding round in the company’s history, with a record $240 million in Series H funding. The investors reflect a diverse set of participants, from early market to institutional investors across the energy, financial, venture capital, oil and gas, utility, manufacturing, technology and automotive sectors, further proving that the mobility revolution is accelerating and leaders from across the energy and mobility ecosystem are getting involved.

This means that within seven years, our goal is to grow the ChargePoint network nearly fifty-fold worldwide, substantially increasing access to charging solutions for EV drivers around the world and helping to lay the foundation for a fully electric future. This commitment is the largest of any company in the EV charging category and is directed at making driving more efficient than ever, whether drivers are commuting around town or travelling long distances.

The electrification of mobility is as fundamental a change as the advent of the internal combustion engine 130 years ago. As technology advances every day, it gives us an opportunity to benefit all of humanity by electrifying transportation, reducing emissions and making the transition to a zero-emissions world no longer a dream, but a reality we can achieve together. ChargePoint is dedicated to doing our part in creating that world by supplying the charging solutions that will accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles, eliminate the need to make an extra stop at a gas station and revolutionise the way we travel.

When it comes to electrification, we’re at the point of no return. Vehicles of every type are being electrified and made available to the mass market, and even more options are coming, including autonomous technology. Soon, driving cars will be like riding horses: something we do for fun, not utility. At ChargePoint, we believe the future of transportation is here, and we are empowering businesses, communities, governments and drivers alike to join us in creating the fuelling network of the future and avoiding millions of tons of emissions that threaten the health of billions across the globe.

Imagine a world without congested roadways, high pollution warnings and overcrowded parking lots. Imagine never having to stop at a gas station again and instead powering your vehicle while you’re doing something else, where you work, live, shop and play. Through collaboration across the automotive industry to foster the EV revolution, this future is within reach.

Over the past eleven years, ChargePoint has steadily built a convenient, open charging network that is enabling the transition to e-mobility, and we’re just getting started. With more than 57,000 charging stations on our network today, ChargePoint is serving EV drivers throughout North America and Europe and making it possible for others to make the switch to a better way of travelling. We are in the midst of the tipping point of the electric transportation revolution and this unstoppable train is not turning back now.

ChargePoint’s mission is more than a vision – it’s an attainable reality that is resonating with millions of people as transportation of all kinds goes electric. We hope to inspire others to join us in creating a revolution in e-mobility and building a more efficient, intelligent and sustainable world – together.