The new EV charging solution that will switch off your range anxiety for good

Be honest with yourself. How many of us want to play our part for the environment and switch to an electric vehicle but are worried it won’t be able to take them where they need to go? Fears of not being able to reach your destination before running out of power are nothing new, it even has an official name… ‘range anxiety’.

When it comes to encouraging the average motorist to swap petrol for plug-in, range anxiety is by far the greatest barrier. But it is a myth…

The biggest reason for this is people’s expectation on how far they drive versus the reality. Like our obsession with keeping our smartphones fully charged, there is an unfounded need to have things ‘topped up’ for that “just in case” moment. And whilst from time to time that might be justified, the reality is that the vast majority of our cars are travelling short, stop-start journeys. In fact, if we take the US as an example – a known ‘gas-guzzling country’ – the US Department for Energy states that 95% of all car journeys there are under 30 miles, and 60% of those are under six miles. In the UK, 76% of all trips are between 2-3 miles. Unsurprisingly, all of these distances are no issue for an electric car.

Next comes the issue of the charging points themselves. Ok, so maybe there was a time when this may have been an issue but now this is no longer the case. Don’t believe us? Well, what if we told you that in the UK there are already more charging points than there are fuel stations? And that this number is growing all the time?

And, if you’re still unconvinced, (and this is the exciting part), they are also widely available right outside your front door. Gone are the days when you needed to ‘park to charge’, now you can ‘charge where you park’. Available now in Germany and being rolled out elsewhere soon, leading green-tech and AIoT company Envision Digital has developed a new affordable, convenient and 100% green electric vehicle charging solution, installed at your home and/or place of work.

The Charging by EnOSTM system is compatible with all current makes and models of EVs, offers up to 22 kilowatts (kW) of fast charging power – connected to Envision’s renewable energy network – and can be controlled using a smartphone app.

“For some motorists though there are still barriers to switch to an EV, namely around the convenience and availability of private charging,” says Sylvie Ouziel, the firm’s International President. “If we are to encourage people to make the switch, we need to assure them that they have access to convenient charging which is exactly what we’ve done here so that charging fits around their lives, not the other way around.”

So, be honest with yourself again. Can you really think of a valid reason NOT to purchase an EV? Add in some of the many other factors such as reduced air pollution and saving eight million barrels of fuel every day, and hopefully we’ve done enough to convince you…oh and before you say, no, they’re not slow either – just look at our Formula E car…

1) In the UK, there are more electric car charging points than petrol stations
2) The average range of an electric car is just under 200 miles – the equivalent of driving from London to Manchester without stopping
3) Since Formula E started, the number of global sales of EVs has risen from 500,000 in season one to 5,000,000 today
4) A new electric car is registered every nine minutes in the UK
5) Advances in technology now mean you can power your house from an electric car

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