Team launches new sustainability series featuring ‘Kids Against Plastic’

Envision Racing has teamed up with teenage eco-activists Amy and Ella Meek – otherwise known as the ‘Kids Against Plastic’ – for a new multi-part sustainability series.

Designed specifically to inspire the next generation, the Race Against Climate Change series launches today and aims to break down the different aspects of the climate emergency, in addition to looking at possible solutions, as well as keeping fans up to date with the latest EV and Formula E news.

The new series will be available across the team’s official channels in addition to being available via the WaterBear Network following the team’s recent partnership with the free, interactive video-on-demand platform.

Sisters Amy and Ella Meek from Nottingham, UK, shot to fame after creating the ‘Kids Against Plastic’ campaign to collect 100,000 pieces of single use plastic – one for every sea mammal killed by waste plastic each year.

Since then, the teenagers have published a practical book aimed at teaching and inspiring budding eco-warriors about the dangers of plastic pollution and climate change, but also to help them find their voice.

The pair also recently featured as guest panellists on the team’s ‘RACC Live’ thought leadership event alongside actor Aidan Gallagher.

You can watch Episode 1-3 from the series now!