Tapping into a new audience: How Envision Racing broke social media records in Brazil

Envision Racing enjoyed a supremely successful week in Brazil last month – both on and off the race track.

As Nick Cassidy secured second position in Sao Paulo to move into third position in the ABB FIA Formula E drivers’ standings and consolidate the team’s second spot in the constructors’ championship, the team also broke social media records away from the street circuit thanks to a ground-breaking collaboration.

The Silverstone-based team invited renowned Brazilian influencer Iran Ferreira (also known as ‘Luva de Pedreiro’) to the race, collaborating with a man more usually known for his football skills on a Formula E-centred piece of organic content that was published in the hours before the race.

The reel – produced in Iran’s inimitable style, which sees him take a racing suit and helmet before driving off in the Envision car – has almost seven million views at the time of writing and is approaching 600,000 likes.

Those numbers make it the most viewed piece of content the team has ever made – and one of the biggest in Formula E history too.

The 30-second video also prominently features Envision branding and that of its commercial partners, ensuring widespread and valuable brand exposure to a young, engaged audience – not just in Brazil, but around the world.

Envision Racing has a proud track record of working with some of the world’s leading Gen Z creators, influencers and celebrities across the popular industries of sport, sustainability and entertainment.

While Iran is the most recent performer to join forces with the team, Envision also works alongside the likes of actor, singer-musician and activist Aidan Gallagher, footballers Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jesse Lingard, and organisations including the National Football League.

These are not simply plug-and-play arrangements; by working with individuals and organisations whose values and beliefs align with the team’s own stated mission towards sustainability and fighting climate change, the end result is co-created programs and content strands that resonate deeply with both audiences.

An initial collaboration with Gallagher, the youngest-ever UN Environmental Program Goodwill Ambassador and star of Netflix’s ‘Umbrella Academy’, has blossomed into a long-term and wide-reaching collaboration that sees the two parties work diligently to inspire positive behaviour change and address climate change priorities.

Gallagher is a leader in Envision Racing’s Race Against Climate Change campaign, which encourages people to make a climate action pledge. So far, more than 160,000 pledges have been taken in conjunction with Gallagher’s tree-planting initiative, ‘TreesWith Aidan’. These pledges include everything from using green transport to eating a more plant-based diet and recycling more frequently.

For every pledge made, Envision Racing will plant, through their partner Eden Reforestation, a mangrove tree along Madagascar’s coastline – with Gallagher and the team aiming to reach a target of one million trees planted.

Fans of the actor appreciate that the causes he promotes in partnership with Envision are ones that he deeply cares for, further encouraging them to listen, interact and take action.

It is a blueprint that Envision aims to replicate with all its collaborators, bringing an authenticity and stability to the partnership that is the cornerstone of delivering a real impact and promoting real and lasting change.

Stay tuned for more collaborations in the months to come!

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