For the first time ever the worlds of the NFL and Formula E go head-to-head in an outrageous series of battles between two Gridiron legends and a very quick Kiwi…

On the surface you might think that American Football and Formula E have little in common. True, helmets are pretty important in both; however, there is much more that links these two ever-changing and constantly evolving elite sports.

Envision Racing need to be fast in a straight line and quick around corners. Four-time Superbowl champions the New York Giants need speed, precision, and incredible strength to succeed. The Envision Racing Formula E race car goes from standstill to 60mph in 2.8 seconds and hit 150mph. New York Giants’ 6ft 4”, 213lb wide receiver Kenny Golladay can cover 40 yards in just 4.5 seconds, and his job is to catch mammoth forward passes from the team’s quarterback Daniel Jones.

In the shadow of the 82,500 seat MetLife Stadium and fresh from his podium success in Mexico, Envision Racing’s New Zealander Nick Cassidy – the fastest rookie driver on the Formula E grid – goes head-to-head with New York Giant’s Golladay and his team-mate Jones, one of the most hotly tipped quarterbacks in the NFL. They undertake a series of unprecedented challenges to explore where the apex of motorsport matches up with some of the fittest and most powerful athletes on earth.

This is ‘Game Recognises Machine’ – check out the video to see a unique mash-up of man and machinery, muscle and technology…