Pulsar Helium featured as part of Reuters’ new Global Health Campaign

A recently-filmed documentary from Envision Racing official partner Pulsar Helium Inc. has been featured by Reuters.

The content – which was produced by Acumen Media and covers the Pulsar team during the drilling of the Jetstream #1 appraisal well at the Topaz helium project (USA, MN)  – has been created as part of the Reuters Plus ‘Global Health Campaign’ initiative.

Click here to watch the full documentary.

Helium production is limited to only a handful of sources located around the globe, with the supply in the United States in decline and Europe reliant on foreign supply.

Pulsar, whose assets are in the USA and Greenland, is the first private helium exploration company to work directly with the Reuters news network to highlight the critical importance of ‘safe jurisdiction’ domestically sourced primary helium.

Helium is critically listed in Canada & the EU and is essential for the technology of today and into the future.

Almost all electronic devices require helium during manufacture, key lifesaving medical services including MRI scanners and breathing gasses also rely on a steady and reliable source of helium.

Since the documentary was filmed, Pulsar has identified helium contents of up to 13.8% at Topaz, making it one of the highest-grade discoveries in history. Pulsar is now furthering operations at Topaz, with the intention of realizing Topaz’s potential for production.

Pulsar partnered with Envision Racing in 2023. Since then, the team has gone on to become Teams’ World Champions in Formula E – winning four races in Season 9 alone.

The next race of the season is due to take place in Misano, Italy, on March 13-14.