On February 26 Mexico City held the 2nd Women4Climate conference, an event that brings top business leaders, global Mayors and innovators together to discuss topics ranging from climate resilience to social inclusion. The event is held by C40 Cities, a network of megacities committed to addressing climate change, and aims to contribute to a new generation of climate leaders through it’s mentorship programme.

We were joined at the Virgin Racing garage by three mentees from the Women4Climate conference – Olga Macias, Adriana Ruiz Almeida and Mariana Silva Paredes. From dermatologists to lecturers in sustainability, the mentee scheme covers a wide range of disciplines and projects allowing each of our guests in the garage to have a variety of opinions on the changes that Mexico, and the World, have seen due to climate change.

When asked about the singular most important action people need to take in order to slow down global warming the three were in agreement that education and awareness were the most important factors. It was also said that money was extremely important; when purchasing anything, from a chocolate wrapper to a house the environmental impact should be considered.

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