Last chance to join our Earth Day campaign!

It’s time to show off what you are doing to help fight climate change!

Earth Day (April 22nd) is now just a few days away, and to mark the occasion we are planning a special video to celebrate what fans around the world are doing to support our Sustainable Chain initiative and help fight against climate change.

Hundreds of fans have already submitted their videos – but there is still time for you to get involved too!

All we need from you is a selfie video explaining who you are and what you are doing to help the environment, along with a demonstration of the steps you are taking to support your pledge.

So whether it is by eating less meat, cleaning up the area around you, recycling more or travelling by sustainable methods, you can show off how are helping the cause – along with over 165,000 others who have already made their commitment to the cause!

So join us now and help persuade others as we continue to push towards our target of one million pledges!

Click here to submit your video NOW!