5 AUGUST 2020

14:30-16:00 BST

Our planet faces an existential crisis and transportation is at the heart of this issue. In 2020 alone, we’ve seen unprecedented heat waves, wildfires, and flooding, along with many other extreme weather-related incidents around the world.

Envision Virgin Racing uses it's platform to spark discussion and raise awareness about electric mobility, renewable energy and the technological advances which will revolutionise everyday transportation.

It is clear that immediate action must be taken on a global scale if the impacts of climate change are to be mitigated and, ideally, reversed. Race Against Climate Change Live will convene the world's leading figures from business, government, environmental and youth sectors to provide insight and provoke debate on some of the most pressing topics of our time.

Join us for a series of live, thought provoking discussions.

Speakers & Hosts

Meet our globally leading speakers joining the Race Against Climate Change


A selection of key times for RACC LIVE 2020

Welcome & Opening Remarks: Franz Jung


PANEL 1: The next generation


Special Guest: Hector Bellerin


PANEL 2: The Government’s 2035 Electric Car Revolution


PANEL 3: Go Green Or Go Home



Join an inspiring line-up of experts and leaders in our first virtual RACC Live event