Envision Racing welcomes Roboze as Official Supplier

The Formula E world champions will utilise Roboze’s industrial 3D printing technology to assist with creating lightweight and durable components 

Envision Racing is delighted to welcome Roboze, pioneers in the field of additive manufacturing with advanced materials, as an Official Supplier.

Roboze will support the Formula E world champions with 3D printing solutions as part of the production of various components, made of both super polymers and composite materials.

The partnership aims to assist the team’s performance in the Formula E world championship through the use of additive technologies and strategic materials. 

As the world’s first racing series to be net-zero since inception, Formula E is the perfect stage to demonstrate how technology and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. Thanks to Roboze’s expertise in high-precision 3D printing and the use of advanced composite materials, Envision Racing will be able to reduce the weight of components, eliminate costly and timely manufacturing errors, and improve efficiency and sustainability. 

“Partnering with Roboze offers us a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of technology and improve performance,” said Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director and CTO of Envision Racing.

“In a championship like Formula E, where every millisecond counts, innovation is the key to success. Moreover, we share a common vision with ROBOZE for a more sustainable future.”

Alessio Lorusso, CEO of Roboze, added: “The choice of Envision Racing to collaborate with us is a great satisfaction. We are excited to contribute to the performance of Envision Racing, while also demonstrating the potential of our additive manufacturing solutions for high-level applications.”

By using Roboze’s high-performance composite materials, such as Carbon PA PRO and Carbon PEEK, the team will be able to produce lightweight yet extremely durable components.  

As it competes on the track and off it to be as competitive and sustainable as possible, reducing the weight of manufactured components and tools is an ongoing challenge for the team, who continually look for solutions to reduce the weight of their freight. However, the lightweight properties of these materials are not the only sustainability factor that sets Roboze apart. The materials also offer increased durability, which when coupled with Roboze’s highly accurate technology, also helps to reduce waste. 

With the help of solutions provided by Roboze, Envision Racing aims to set new standards of excellence – demonstrating that exceptional performance and environmental responsibility can exist in partnership.