Envision Racing joins with fans around the world for Show Your Stripes Day

On Show Your Stripes Day, Envision Racing encourages fans around the world to participate and show their stripes in the Race Against Climate Change.

This year the team – World Champions in Formula E, the world’s first sport to be net-zero since inception – has partnered with Professor Ed Hawkins and the University of Reading on his world-renowned Climate Stripes; a simple and stark illustration of how the climate is changing across the world.

June 21 is #ShowYourStripes Day, where individuals from across the world are encouraged to show the Climate Stripes in their area to spark new and urgent conversations about the impact the changes those Stripes show are causing, both on a local and international level.

To mark the day, major events have been organised across London, Reading and other parts of the world.

The groundbreaking collaboration has seen Hawkins’ renowned Climate Stripes featured on Envision Racing’s high-performance electric race car throughout Season 10, symbolising a commitment to environmental sustainability and raising awareness of the fight against climate change.

Launched at COP 28 at the end of 2023, the stripes have since been integrated into the team’s Race Against Climate Change programme and also formed the basis of international and regional activities across the Formula E season, showcasing changes that have occurred at race locations using local warming stripes.

Professor Hawkins also spoke at the team’s RACC Live event in Tokyo in March, highlighting the ways the city has been directly affected by climate change and reflecting on the ways we can all do more to encourage change.

#ShowYourStripes Day is another element of that, with individuals from across the world encouraged to take to social media to show the Climate Stripes in their country and to spark conversations about the problems that is creating.

Professor Ed Hawkins, the University of Reading climate scientist who created the climate stripes, said: “2024 will be the sixth year of Show Your Stripes Day and each year it has become more popular.

“We have started to so many climate conversations using our climate stripes, but now we need to turn these climate conversations into climate action. 2023 was the hottest year on record, and 2024 has seen another five consecutive months of record heat. A warmer world will mean more extreme weather, more devastation and more suffering.

“Show your stripes, start conversations about our warming world, and take climate action. Ask your politicians to push for net-zero emissions, live more sustainably and encourage others to actThe faster we act, the less bad the climate consequences will be.

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Envision Racing exists to inspire generations to tackle climate change and support the transition to e-mobility and renewable energy. On and off the track, the team focus on accelerating change that benefits people and planet.

Envision launched its award-winning Race Against Climate Change fan pledge program in Glasgow in 2021. The campaign encourages fans to make personal commitments reduce their carbon impact, from reducing waste and sourcing food locally to switching to renewable energy and recycling e-waste.

To date, nearly 250,000 pledges have been made.

Visit here for more information on the team’s pledge programme.