Envision Racing convene leading figures from business and sport to discuss challenges and opportunities for women in the electric mobility revolution

Representatives from Girls on Track, Formula E and Meta take part in event hosted by ‘the greenest team on the greenest grid’ 

Ahead of Girls Day in Germany, a national day encouraging young girls and women into STEM and management roles, Envision Racing brought together leading figures from across the world of sport and business to discuss the challenges and opportunities for women and girls, as we transition to an electric future.  

The event, at the Alice Rooftop Gardens in Berlin, was hosted by motor racing presenter and content creator, Lissie Mackintosh. Headline speakers included: 

  • Claire Williams, British former motorsport executive and Girls on Track ambassador
  • Julia Pallé, Sustainability Director at Formula E
  • Eva-Maria Kirschsieper, Public Policy Director Sustainability, META
  • Sophia Flörsch, Race car driver, PHM Racing by Charouz
  • Alice Powell, Race car driver, Envision Racing 

Claire Williams kicked off the day with a wide-ranging fireside chat with Lissie Mackintosh, who discussed her career in motorsport and how Formula E is creating the perfect environment for women to thrive in the industry.  

The First panel focused on the organisation Girls on Track, which aims to inspire girls and women into believing that there is a rightful and valuable place for them in the motorsports industry. The panel discussed how women are inspiring positive change in motor racing and how this progress has put them at the forefront of technological development that is critical in the Race Against Climate Change. 

The second panel was hosted by the New Scientist and heard from Marija Lazic, Sustainability Officer at Teijin and Eva-Maria Kirschsieper, Public Policy Director Sustainability, META on women in sustainable technology.   

This is the latest in a series of Race Against Climate Change events hosted by Envision Racing Formula E team, whose aim is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and inspire positive climate action around the world.

Their sustainable chain initiative has already generated over 165,000 pledges from fans across the world to take personal actions such as flying less, reducing meat consumption or switching to an electric vehicle to help reduce their carbon footprints.  

Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer at Envision Racing, said: “An electric revolution needs access to skills and entrepreneurial solutions from everyone. Our future is dependent on how women and girls are supported and encouraged into green jobs and sports such as Formula E.  

At Envision Racing, we’re proud to be using our platform to bring together leading figures, from across sport, civil society and business to drive the fight against climate change. 

“It’s fantastic to have hosted this RACC event in Berlin, with Envision Racing driver Nick Cassidy securing his first win of the season. We look forward to continuing to drive sustainability on the track, as well as off as we continue our fight against climate change.”

A broadcast of the event will  be available to watch on LinkedIn from 12:30 BST on Thursday. Tune in here.