In an effort to help combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), world leading green technology company Envision Group – majority owners of Formula E Team Envision Virgin Racing – have established a new centre to produce 100,000 face masks per day.

The ‘Envision Smile Manufacturing Centre’ was established in just 15 days and has been operational since March 1. It is planned to have three production lines including one N95 production line. All masks produced are being donated to businesses, schools and communities – to those in the worse affected areas of China – to support the prevention of the epidemic and to help people in China return to normality. Masks are also being donated to Japan, South Korea and other locations to help fight against the outbreak.

In line with Envision Group’s ‘challenging spirit’ ethos, the new facility, along with the sourcing of the raw materials, was operational within two weeks, with the centre also far surpassing the government’s cleanliness standards for mask production.

The opening of the ‘Envision Smile Manufacturing Centre’ was also complemented with a donation of 50 million RMB (£5.5 million) against the coronavirus which, aided by its impressive global supply chain, has seen Envision Group deliver masks, personal protection equipment and other materials to key areas such as the Hubei Province.

Envision Group CEO and Team Owner of the Envision Virgin Racing Formula E Team Lei Zhang said:


Envision’s employees have overcome enormous difficulties to enable production to begin as scheduled at the new mask factory. All masks produced at the facility will be donated to help accelerate the resumption of work and life. When confronting challenges from wind, rain and the epidemic, rather than just crouch in a corner, we choose to awaken people’s hope with a smile. We aim to do more than just deliver masks. We aim to deliver hope and help people smile once again. We truly hope to see everyone ‘smile after the rain’.

Envision Virgin Racing is one of the leading teams in the all-electric Formula E series, which too has seen its races affected by the coronavirus outbreak.