Circularity and climate change on the agenda as latest Race Against Climate Change event takes place in Tokyo

On the eve of the first-ever Tokyo E-Prix, major figures from across some of Japan’s biggest industries joined Envision Racing’s latest live Race Against Climate Change event to discuss the key challenges of the moment.

The event, hosted at the Miraikan – Japan’s National Museum of Future Design and Innovation – saw senior figures from companies including AESC, Teijin, Fuijitsu and PwC meet to discuss the leading themes and problems of the day; including battery technology, the importance of circularity, and global warming.

Hundreds of guests poured into the impressive venue to listen to the speakers discuss how businesses can continue to drive innovation through sustainable practices, especially in the areas of battery technology.

Professor Ed Hawkins, who has partnered with Envision Racing this season on his world-renowned Warming Stripes, delivered a pre-recorded keynote speech – in which he discussed the impact global warming has had on the environment, including in Tokyo, and discussing ways people can unite to make a real difference.

The event, which had both Japanese and English-language elements, was presented by television host and Formula E presenter Radzi Chinyanganya, who highlighted the spirit of innovation and generosity that characterises the Japanese way and pointed to how that could be applied to finding real solutions to the sustainable challenges many industries face.

Other speakers included Akimoto Uchikawa, CEO of Teijin, Shunsuke Onishi, Corporate Executive Officer SEVP of Fujitsu, Yuki Isogai, Partner at PwC, and Jonghun Oh, Chief Strategy Officer at TES.

Professor Kei Saito of Kyoto University, a leading expert on innovative solutions, also took part in a fireside chat with Shoichi Matsumoto, CEO of AESC.

The two-hour conference was the first RACC: Live event to be hosted in Japan, as the reigning Formula E world champions Envision Racing prepare to race in the country for the first time.

During Friday’s first on-track session, Envision driver Robin Frijns topped the timing charts, raising optimism about a strong performance during Saturday’s sold-out race.

Friday’s RACC event was hosted in conjunction with team partners Teijin.

Fitting with the event’s theme of circularity, the team’s award-winning ‘Recover E’ car was on display. The car, made entirely from discarded e-waste, serves as a reminder of the importance of finding new uses for materials rather than simply throwing them away.