Blog: The Human Element with Sylvain Filippi


You’re based out of DS Virgin’s office in London. Where’s home for you?


I’ve lived central London for almost 10 years, however I recently moved out to Surrey. Previous to that I went to school in Paris and business school in Paris and Budapest.


What do you do when you’re not working?


I think it’s important to find a balance in your surroundings. So, it’s cliche, but I like to spend time out in the countryside. It helps me re-energise. I cycle a lot. Surrey is a fantastic place for cycling. It’s not all relaxed though: I’m very competitive once I’m on a bike, I can’t help it!


If Virgin gave you a free flight anywhere tomorrow where would you go?


Holiday wise, well the Formula E team travel all over the world for work, so when I’m on holiday I don’t want to travel too far! I’d go to Brittany – because it feels like home, and it’s good for another sport of mine, sailing.


Formula E Season 3 starts in Hong Kong on the 9th. How are you feeling?


Ha! I’m always nervous for the new season. I don’t have major concerns: we had good pre-season testing at Donington, but It’s my job to think about all the little problems, so I’m always a little nervous, especially for the first race of the season.


What do Virgin Racing have planned for the season?


Our goal is to win a title. That’s the sole aim. Either the team or  driver championship. From a car perspective, a team championship in particular would be great. Racing and race day itself is always by nature up and down, so we aim to achieve our goal by being the most consistent team on the track. Wish us luck!


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