Blog: Professor Ed Hawkins Calls for Urgency for EV Battery Development in Race Against Climate Change

Professor Ed Hawkins made the case for why we need urgent momentum on EV battery development in a pre-recorded speech at Envision Racing’s latest Race Against Climate Change event in Tokyo.

The Race Against Climate Change™ programme aims to inspire and empower fans and the wider public to take climate action. Through a series of thought-provoking events to provide insight and drive actionon addressing the climate emergency, Envision Racing exists to make electric mobility and renewable energy a global reality.

At the most recent Race Against Climate Change™ event in Tokyo, Professor Ed Hawkins made the case for why we need urgent momentum on EV battery development in a pre-recorded speech.

Professor Ed Hawkins is an ‘Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’ report lead author and the inventor of the iconic global warming stripes, which feature on Envision Racing’s latest racing car and graphically illustrate how our world is overheating. The stripes represent the historical temperature changes of countries across the world in 150 years since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

First created in 2018, the stripes aim to visually highlight the alarming trend of global warming in one striking image as the stripes turn from blue to red and get drastically darker over the last 50 years.

After highlighting that 2023 was the hottest year on record, Professor Hawkins went on to talk about the Envision Racing partnership.

“The collaboration with Envision Racing was launched at COP28 last year,” he said. “It’s fantastic to see the warming stripes on the Season 10 race car – going around the track and spreading that important message every time.

“Sport has the potential to reach millions of people… It’s such a powerful vehicle for bringing people together to talk about climate change, the risks we face and the responses we need to choose between over the coming decades.”

Professor Hawkins ended with stirring words that echo through everything we do at Envision Racing: “Because we are causing the planet to warm through burning fossil fuels, it’s our choices that will determine what happens next. We can choose to reduce emissions, stabilise the rise in global temperatures and minimise the impacts in the future.

“That is down to us, as individuals and as a society. We can make those decisions. We have the technology…We know the solutions. We just need the will to act…I would encourage you all to go out there and show your stripes.”