After an eventful weekend in Valencia, where our team showed blistering pace in wet conditions, it is now time to turn our attention to the next stop…Monaco!

I can still clearly remember the championship’s first visit to the Principality in season one on May 9, using two cars and on a greatly shortened layout. Now, five years and 364 days later (ok, six years!), here we are taking to the streets once more but this time using (more or less) the same iconic layout as that used by F1, in just one car and at considerable higher speeds.

As someone who has been involved in Formula E since day one, seeing Nick and Robin whiz through Sainte Devote, up the hill, past the Casino and into the tunnel will be a very proud moment indeed. I’ve always said to the doubters of Formula E, “don’t judge us on where we started, judge us on our rate of progression”. Monaco is the best and most tangible example of how far electric vehicle technology has progressed; in mobile phone terms it’s the difference between a Nokia 3210 and a smartphone!

For sure, it’s going to be a great spectacle and in many ways a circuit that is made for Formula E with its fast and narrow configuration, high-speed sections and heavy braking points. It will also mark the halfway point in this season (following the updated calendar announcement last week) and where our title protagonists will begin to emerge.

Robin remains very much in the mix as one of these – lying fourth in the standings – and has competed several times around the Principality. Nick, on the other hand, has never raced here before despite his racing pedigree so will be a new experience for him but one I know he’ll relish.


As ever qualifying is going to be key in Monaco with overtaking tricky, although I don’t think I’ll ever forget Robin’s seemingly impossible overtake on Alex Lynn at Tabac last time out. Added to that will be who adapts best to elements such as the resurfaced track and the corner reprofiling at Sainte Devote, as well as the chicane on the exit of the tunnel. Energy too will, as ever, play its role, especially with the extended track.

Monaco though is undoubtedly one of the most amazing and iconic races for any team or driver, and there’s few experiences that can rival the feeling of racing there and finishing on the podium!