Kids Against Plastic founders Amy and Ella Meek are lobbying for change, they want people to break their plastic usage habits, so we found out why they care so passionately about this project.

What first inspired you to take a stance on climate change?
We’ve both always been interested in the natural world and the environment, but it was when the United Nations’ Global Goals launched in November 2015 at the Paris Climate Change Conference that kick-started our own journey as environmental activists.

What would you say to someone who refuses to acknowledge climate change?
Our message is quite simple; just like with Covid 19, decision makers are advised to listen to the science and be guided by the data. Well, it is the same for climate change… let the abundance of scientific data guide decision making and respond to the climate emergency with urgency.

What are the biggest stumbling blocks to tackling climate change?
The biggest stumbling block for people is that the issue is so huge that they feel helpless about what role they can take, when really, we are all in this together and every one of us has a part to play.

What’s the most rewarding part of the work you do?
We always get a huge sense of reward and satisfaction when speaking to and working with other young people.

Where’s your favourite place on the planet to be?
We do love travelling and visiting other countries and cultures. Greece is a favourite or just anywhere outdoors in the natural world.

If you could change one thing that would help reduce our climate impact what would it be?
I would try and make people see that consumerism and aspiring to have lots and lots of stuff is actually really grotesque… even kind of ugly.