The aim of the ‘Race Against Climate Change’ (RACC) is to accelerate the energy transition and help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

At Envision Racing, we are much more than a racing team. We exist to energise the Race Against Climate Change, focusing on accelerating the transition to clean, secure, and affordable renewable energy and mass adoption of e-mobility. In short, we care passionately about our planet.

Throughout the season, we host a range of initiatives aimed at addressing the wider issues surrounding climate change. Of course, this is not something we can achieve alone. It’s about creating a platform for others to demonstrate what they are doing to address the issue and, more importantly, inspire others to do the same.

Race Against Climate Change

Which comprises of 4 key pillars:


A series of events and innovation summits in city centres around the world, including New York, London, Seoul, & Berlin.


Driving the agenda for change through business and governmental channels, influencing policy and decision making.


Working alongside COP26, Governments, The Climate Group, Carbon Trust & other advisory panels to discover and produce meaningful insight that guides our agenda.


Developing comprehensive programmes of education in schools & community settings to develop skills in STEM & other key specialisms.

The Inspirational Solar Mamas

We linked up Barefoot College to tell the inspirational story of Norma Guerra and the Solar Mamas project in Cachimbo, Mexico.


James Levelle's Race Against Climate Change

James inspirational 7000 mile journey to COP25, fossil fuel free.