The covers are off and it is official. Formula E Gen3 is go and Envision Racing are ready to embrace a faster and more sustainable world of first-class electric motorsport.

Amidst the iconic surrounds of Monaco, Formula E officially unleashed the long-awaited Gen3 era of the world’s fastest, and most sustainable form of top-level motorsport.

Unveiled at the Yacht Club de Monaco, there is arguably no more perfect place to launch the Gen3 era of Formula E, a sporting and technological step which underlines Formula E’s place at the pinnacle of performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

The streets of Monaco are synonymous with over a century of motorsport history, that pulses through the very fabric of the exotic principality and plays host to round six of the 2021–22 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

Gen3 cars will be the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and most efficient electric racing machines ever built. The new cars will top 200mph, possess over 100bhp more than the current Gen2 cars, and weigh in at over 60kg lighter.

Another first for Formula E, and formula racing in general, will be the presence of a front and rear powertrain, which will more than double the regenerative capability, of the current Gen2 car to a total of 600kW.

Crucially, the additional speed and power of the Gen3 cars will not come at the expense of efficiency or sustainability of the world’s first net zero carbon sport. Gen3 racers will generate over 40% of the power used in a race, through regenerative braking, and achieve over 95% power efficiency, compared to around 40% for an internal combustion engine racing car.

In terms of reinforcing Formula E’s world-leading sustainable message, Gen3 batteries will be manufactured from sustainably-sourced minerals, while battery cells will be reused and recycled at end of life.

The car’s bodywork will be crafted from recycled carbon fibre, a world first in bodywork construction, featuring recycled carbon fibre from retired Gen2 cars. Additionally, the tyres used in the Gen3 era will be made from natural rubber and recycled fibres, making up 26% of all new tyres. All the rubber used for racing will be fully recycled after racing.

“We’ve seen in the last two car generations of Formula E how fast technology transfers from track to road, and Gen3 will enable us to test the next level of innovation to its limits. The car is more powerful, more efficient, and lighter than ever before.” says Sylvain Filippi, Envision Racing’s Managing Director and CTO.

“This is an incredibly important moment not just for Envision Racing but for electric mobility overall. We are not only increasing the power density, efficiency and fast charging potential to unprecedented levels, but we are doing so whilst setting new sustainability standards in motorsport. Our vision for net zero transport is becoming a reality.”

You can follow Envision Racing HERE throughout the Monaco E-Prix and keep up to date with further announcements ahead of the dawn of the Gen3 era.