Road to COP28: Formula E champions Envision Racing announced as only sports team to showcase power of sport in the Blue Zone

FIA Formula E World Champions Envision Racing has announced it will be the only sports team to exhibit and highlight the power of sport to world leaders within the UNFCCC’s ‘Blue Zone’ at COP 28.  

The Blue Zone continues to be a UNFCCC-managed site, only open to party delegations, Heads of State and admitted observers. It is the key location for world leaders to congregate and where all formal negations take place. It also hosts a series of panel discussions, speaking sessions and cultural events.

The team will be exhibiting its Recover E car, the world’s first full-sized, driveable Formula E car, made entirely of electronic waste, as well as showcasing the sport of Formula E more widely and its power to influence climate change.  

Taking place in Dubai from 30th November – 12th December, Envision Racing aims to spotlight to world leaders the power of sport to influence climate change, including annual electronic waste production, which is on track to reach 75 million tonnes by 2030.

Items thrown away include disposable vapes, mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, plug and batteries. The Recover E car is made entirely of electronic waste donated by young people and charity partners. The team’s global campaign is aiming to increase awareness of the human impact of e-waste and the need to reuse and recycle old electrical products. This groundbreaking demonstration underscores the transformative influence of recycling millions of Lithium batteries embedded in devices, effectively curbing the demand for resource-intensive mining while emboldening a circular economy vision.

Envision Racing exists to inspire generations to tackle climate change and support the transition to e-mobility and renewable energy. On and off the track, the team focus on accelerating change that benefits people and planet.

A founding signatory to the UNFCCC’s Sports for Action Climate Action, and with an existing relationship with COP, Envision Racing launched its Race Against Climate Change fan platform in Glasgow in 2021. The platform inspires and enables fans to make personal commitments to reduce their carbon impact, from reducing waste and sourcing food locally to switching to renewable energy and recycling e-waste.

To date nearly 250,000 individual fan pledges have been made with over 50,000 since the Recover E car was launched in July.

Envision Racing’s exhibit will also stage a Formula E racing simulator to highlight the excitement of electric racing and showcase the power of sport. The battery technology being developed by Formula E has the potential to hugely accelerate the transition to all forms of e-mobility, helping to bring insights from the track onto the road.

In addition, the team will be showcasing the power of sport through its exhibition and participation in multiple events during COP28. This includes the UNFCCC’s Sport for Climate Action events, as well as events held by Accelerate to Zero and the UK Government within the UK Pavilion.

Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director at Envision Racing said: “The future is electric. Formula E is a revolutionary sport which has seen phenomenal growth globally in the last nine seasons and we’re proud to be showcasing the sport and our recent campaign around e-waste at COP28. Through innovation, high performance and an active fanbase we are demonstrating what is possible as a leading sports team with a purpose.”

Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, Business Engagement Lead at UN Climate Change said: “Sport has the power to influence and inspire behaviour change, uniting fans, and the public around a common goal. Envision Racing is leading the way in using its platform to engage and mobilise audiences in climate action and environmental issues. We look forward to seeing the team’s exhibition in the Blue Zone which includes their pioneering race car made from discarded tech to highlight global e-waste proliferation. We also welcome their participation on UNFCCC Sport for Climate Action panel to further discuss how sport can play a role in increasing change on the climate crisis.”

Franz Jung, Chairman of the Board at Envision Racing said: “COP is the world’s largest and most important annual climate conference to showcase the future of green mobility technology. The presence of Envision Racing at COP demonstrates the global influence of Envision as the world-leading green technology company in driving the future net zero transition.”